Turning Teens and Youth Into Digital Entrepreneurs 


What if I said that there is a real-life game that’s exciting, educational, and generates income for life? 

What if you could fast track your entrepreneurial and financial success by 10-20 years?

What if you woke up each day excited to see what opportunities were in your inbox?

What if you had an experience that could strengthen your connection with your family, friends, peers & students.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP = Freedom, Fun, and Endless Opportunities

We are standing at the intersection of a passion-driven economy and a digital education boom, and URLYstart can help you navigate it without getting overwhelmed..

URLYstart bridges the gaps between school education, proven business methods, and real life experience that is safe and fun.

Join thousands of entrepreneurs and start creating your dream lifestyle. LEARN MORE AND SAVE 46%

The worlds first entrepreneurship tool for youth, which ‘gamifies’ the start-up process to create actual, income-generating businesses from home or your phone without any prior experience.


Turning Teens and Youth Into Digital Entrepreneurs

- Live and work from anywhere.
- No coding or experience required.
- Learn new ways to make money.
- How to create digital product & services.
- Build beautiful web pages in 26 minutes.
- Build unlimited online businesses.
- Six simple ways to market your website.
- URLYstart will meet kidSAFE rules.

"One of my superpowers is to inspire,
motivate, and help teach youth how to monetize their skills and passions as efficiently as profitably as possible while having fun doing it."

Chris Vermeulen - URLYstart Founder, Dad, and Serial Entrepreneur



+ Click-By-Click Entrepreneurial Guidance 

+ Gamification: Levels, Rewards & Rankings

= Experience Near Instant Online Success


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